Jennifer McIlwrath Hurst

Undergraduate Researcher, University of Leeds
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About Jennifer McIlwrath Hurst

Hello! I'm a Liberal Arts History major student, currently researching the medieval - and medievalism - in Leeds’ tangible and intangible urban landscape. I am investigating the landscape and buildings of medieval Leeds, Victorian Leeds, and present-day Leeds - and considering how all three intersect and inform both each other, and constructions of local identity and place. ​                                                                                      I am also interested in the broader utility of medievalism to nationalism, and the creation of national identities - and the impact of this on the contemporary political landscape of the UK and Ireland. I'm passionate about the utility of heritage studies and the importance of historical contextualization to political decision making - from urban planning to national policymaking.

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‘Medieval Leeds Today’: Future Directions and Outcomes

A document of ideas for future research directions and potential outcomes - following my first research period in Summer 2019 - exploring medieval heritage and medievalism in Leeds' built landscape, and the impact of this on contemporary local identity, urban planning, and perceptions of place.

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