Kayla Kim

Marketing Manager, Laidlaw Foundation
  • Laidlaw Foundation
  • People
  • United Kingdom
Ashmitha Sivakumar

Undergraduate Student, Cornell University

Hello, I'm Ashmitha, a sophomore studying biomedical engineering and I’m from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. I have always found the intersection of biology and technology fascinating. I am motivated to learn different ways in which I can serve my local community by using science as a pathway. My creativity, problem-solving, and past experiences serve as forms of inspiration to me. I strive to pursue opportunities that challenge and broaden my perspective. In the future, I hope to attend medical school after a few gap years. On campus, I am involved in Global Medical and Dental Brigades, a club where we travel to rural communities in South American countries to provide medical services. I am an undergraduate researcher in the Schaffer-Nishimura lab, where I conduct Alzheimer's disease research. I am also a member of the product development subteam and recruitment chair for Biomedical Device, an interdisciplinary team that designs and builds biomedical devices. In my free time, I like to go on nature walks, run, listen to music, and read. I enjoy trying out new restaurants and hobbies like photography and painting.

Ramit Bag

Student, University College London

Kristin Ramsay

Laidlaw Leadership and Research Scholars Program Manager, Cornell University

Kristin Ramsay administers the Laidlaw Leadership and Research Scholars program at Cornell University and is responsible for undergraduate engagement in the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies. A Cornell alumna, Kristin majored in international agriculture and rural development before working with an NGO in Kenya for six years. Her graduate work focused on community leadership development. Kristin enjoys traveling, spending time with her family (and 3 dogs), and works as a grant writer with a non-profit that serves small scale farmers around the world.

Dr Gayle Doherty

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience, University of St Andrews

Sally Newton

Executive Principal, Laidlaw Schools Trust

Charalampos Dousemetzis

Tutor, Durham University

Jacob Nesling

Laidlaw Scholar and LLB student, University of Leeds

I am a 2022 Laidlaw Scholar from the University of Leeds.  My research is all about commerical and insolvency law, testing the assumption that "the insolvency of the principal terminates the agency relationship whilst the insolvency of the agent terminates the relationship only if it makes him unfit to perform his duties".  Basically, how does an agent (e.g. the UK seller of Australian wine) running out of or being low on money effect contractual relationships.  

Technical bits aside, in my spare time I love to be active - particularly endurance sports.  I am also an avid follower of UK and US politics, with an emphasis on constitutional affairs.  

One day, I hope to be a barrister.

Karisha Kimone George

Associate Lecturer, University of York

Mateo Guzmán Subiría

Student, University of St Andrews

Emma Franck-Gwinnell (she/her)

Trainee Solicitor, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Hello! I'm Emma, one of the Co-Presidents of the Laidlaw Alumni Society. I'm passionate about entrepreneurialism, diversity in business and ending slavery in supply chains. My Undergraduate Scholarship research focused on legislation which requires organisations to tell the public about efforts they are making to stop modern slavery in their supply chains. In particular, I looked at whether this legislation is making a difference in the fight against modern slavery in supply chains (spoiler alert: it's not!).
Karl Nicholson

Student , Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I am a current second year Physics student in Trinity College Dublin. My research is on radio-astronomy of the Sun with particular interest in predicting potentially disruptive solar weather. 

Apart from physics I'm interested in running, rugby, card games and snowsports. I enjoy being outside, exercising, film/TV and getting involved in the Student's Union. I am particularly interested in connecting with students from around the globe and broadening my horizons!

Becky (she/her)

Psychology Student, University of York

An aspiring Clinical Psychologist, currently an undergraduate studying Psychology (Integrated MSci) at the University of York. I see a future in which mental healthcare is adaptive to an individual's cultural and personal needs. I am also interested in alternative/ complimentary therapies for treatment resistant mood disorders such as deep brain stimulation and psilocybin therapy.

My current research investigates the relationship between mood disorders and increased attention to negative stimuli in the environment. Research further investigates whether this negative processing bias can be disrupted using brain stimulation.

Outside of research, I love to go wild swimming across Yorkshire whatever the weather. You will likely find me at a music festival over the summer or travelling to somewhere new! 

Arthur Martin

Student , University of Leeds

Gerd Bizi

Student/Research Assistant, University of Toronto/SickKids

Melissa Marie Wang

Student, Barnard College


My name is Melissa Wang and I'm an Information Science and English double major at Barnard College. I have experience in research, product development, publishing, and poetry. I care about the representation of different narratives in published literature as well as equal access to higher education.

Sofia Sepulveda

Laidlaw Intern, Barnard College

Yu Yao

Student, University of York

Hi, my name is Tina. 😄 I am from University of York, studying Interactive Media. My project is to explore how the VR technology can help people to better understand about dyslexia. 

My passion in gaming, storytelling and content design motivate me to look into ways these can be applied to impact public awareness about disabilities in a positive way.

Please feel free to contact with me on chat, email or instagram. I am looking forward to have a chat with you ;)

Isabella Whitney

Student, Barnard College of Columbia University

Patrick paul martin

Student, Uni of york