Ana Cuteanu

Undergraduate Student and Co-Founder of In2Care, University College London
Asha Mior

Student, University of Toronto

Hi there! My name is Asha, and I am a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, studying global health, political science, and psychology.  My Laidlaw research project is focused on approaches to COVID-19 vaccine outreach and education among minority populations in Canada.  I'm always eager to chat about topics in global health, particularly those related to climate change and/or social epidemiology! 

Alexandra Zhirnova

Alumna | Cambridge MPhil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic | UCL Laidlaw Society Outreach Officer, UCL

Alexandra Zhirnova is a medievalist specialising in Latin literature. She has a special interest in women's history and manuscript culture and a mission to promote equality in academia and beyond.
Reuben Morris-Dyer

Art History and Film Undergraduate, Flat B

Hello! I'm Reuben, an Art History and Film student researching 'The Sonic Body: Technology, Embodiment, Gender' with the University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. I am also a student filmmaker and illustrator, and host 'The Theory of Everything Podcast' for StAR Radio.

Patrick Laske

Student, University College London