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Scarlet Bliss

Research Assistant, Tufts School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
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About Scarlet Bliss

Scarlet is an undergraduate student studying Community Health and Biology at Tufts. She is interested in a combination of disciplines, including medicine, infectious disease transmission, global health, and climate and environmental health. At Tufts she also has worked as a Communications and Outreach Intern for the Environmental Studies Department, is part of Timmy Global Health, and runs for the Women's Track & Field team. Her research experience also includes vector-borne disease research of the Semliki Forest Complex in Samoa with the Williams Lab at Smith College. Currently in the Pickering Lab she is a Laidlaw Scholar working on the PARE project, studying emergent markers for antibiotic resistance in the environment and working to develop a usable test for classroom curricula which will analyze soil samples to map antibiotic resistance in efforts to mitigate this serious global health issue.


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