A brief summary of my experience at the WorldCUR 2023

Recently, I had the wonderful experience to present my Laidlaw Summer 1 Research at the 2023 World Congress of Undergraduate Research at Warwick University. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded students also interested in their respective academic disciplines. Over the course of 4 days, I attended a range of talks discussing topics as diverse as the stereotyping of the people of Appalachia to how we might find life on Mars to the power nature holds or doesn’t hold over us. The effects of the Laidlaw Scholars Programme on my life have been truly transformational and it was amazing to see how across the world undergraduate research empowers students to be passionate about their subjects and importantly, work to solve the issues of today. When I started my Laidlaw journey, I was told that the experience was for me as an individual to make the most of and I firmly believe that Laidlaw provides a platform in which you truly do incredible things. I would strongly encourage others to apply and attend the British Congress of Undergraduate Research and the next World CUR as well.

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