Week 1 Reflection


Week 1: 

What went well? 

Meeting the team went very well. It feels as though all of RSC’s employees are deeply committed to the work of improving rural education and opportunities provided to rural students. Everyone was very helpful when I had questions. 

What could have been done differently?

I did have a little trouble adjusting to the remote work environment. I had never used Slack before and there were a few times where I forgot to set myself as away when I was finished working, so I continued to receive messages. Next week, I will remember to keep my Slack status updated. 

What did I learn about myself while working with others?

I learned that scheduled meetings among team members serve a very specific purpose, but should not be the default mode of communication. I often prefer communicating via email or slack. 

What did I learn about leadership?

I learned that, as a leader, it’s essential to center the lived experiences of the people you represent. 

What do I want to develop or focus on next? 

I want to focus on conducting interviews with students from rural areas to center their lived experiences in my toolkit.

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