Week 1 LIA - overview

I arrived in Kenya on the 2nd of July and am having an amazing time. I started teaching as soon as I arrived. I am so happy to be here!

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Hi! I am currently in Nakuru, Kenya, working at Freedom International School.

The school is run by Dr. Utheri Kanayo and her husband, Oku Kanayo. Utheri was a postgraduate student at Cambridge, and after hearing her give a talk on leadership, I emailed her to express my excitement about their work. The school is the first Afrocentric school in Africa, encouraging children to celebrate themselves and their heritage. I asked if I could do my LIA at their school, and Utheri agreed.

Given my art and photography background, Utheri asked if I would help with art classes. I started a GoFundMe campaign to buy a set of cameras for the school so that I could teach photography. The classes have been great; all the students are eager to learn and excited about using the cameras. They have also taken amazing photos.

We have invited Thandiwe Muriu, an amazing Kenyan photographer, to the school. We hope she will conduct a class with the children. Inspired by her work, we plan to create portraits using Kitenge fabrics.

Thandiwe Muriu's work:

Additionally, I have been working in Creative Arts classes, teaching theory and practical lessons. 

I am also updating content on the school website and designing a billboard advertisement to go up in Nairobi. 

I am so happy to be here. The school is a complete joy to be in and I am very grateful that I get the chance to experience it. I hope to work with the school long-term. 

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8 days ago

Wow, this is so inspiring Alex! Looking forward to reading future blogs.