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Hi! I am a philosophy undergraduate at Cambridge University.

Within my course, my main interests are Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Applied Ethics, Free Will, and Philosophy of Mind. 

My project centred on investigating whether changing the dominant narrative surrounding human nature has the potential to encourage prosocial behaviour. I am interested in progressive forms of education. My LIA project is at an amazing school in Kenya, Freedom International School. 

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Alum: Undergraduate Leadership & Research Programme


University of Cambridge

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Education Ethics Philosophy Psychology Sociology

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United Kingdom

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Art Crafts & DIY Music Nature & environment Photography Politics & current events Reading Theatre Travelling Video/filmmaking

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Research Project Proposal - Changing The Narrative

Our view of human nature is distorted to align with a dominant narrative; we are all intrinsically bad. The aim of this study is to investigate whether revising our views, by means of challenging this account, has the potential to foster prosocial behaviour, aspirations and values.

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