Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial...

Vee Kativhu
Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial...

Vee Kativhu: “Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial. If you’re aimlessly following others’ expectations without passion for your path, you’ll quickly lose momentum. True motivation comes from a deep, personal interest, like a love for a subject, that keeps you going even in challenging times.” 

January 24 marks the UN's sixth annual celebration of the International Day of Education. As we reflect on the importance of education, we remember one leader who inspires @Cornell University Scholar, @Eliana Amoh, who stated during her Scholar Spotlight, "Vee is really motivating because she has such a strong work ethic that is driven by her passion of education equity.”

Not only does Vee inspire our Laidlaw scholars (and myself!), but she inspires and empowers millions of girls and women around the world through her role as an ambassador for United World Schools, CAMFED, and GirlUp Zimbabwe, and her position as a Young Leader for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and her non-profit organization, Empowered By Vee.

Vee's Leadership Journey in Education and Beyond

Vee Kativhu's academic and leadership journey is a narrative of resilience and commitment to educational empowerment. Born in Zimbabwe, Vee moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 7. This transition brought about several difficulties, including learning English, adapting to new cultural environments, and attending disruptive state schools. Additionally, she had to work during her studies to support her family, balancing educational aspirations with the practical necessities of life.

Vee's early life was marked by economic hardships. Despite these hurdles, Vee's determination and hard work led her to achieve remarkable academic success. She graduated from the University of Oxford, obtaining a bachelor's degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, and later obtained a Master's Degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University. 

Vee's passion for education extends beyond her own academic pursuits. In 2018, she founded Empowered By Vee, an organization dedicated to empowering students aged 16-25, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. Through this platform and her popular YouTube channel, she has become a visionary voice, sharing practical study advice and inspiring others to overcome societal barriers and embrace their potential. Her efforts have been recognized on various prestigious platforms, including receiving the Diana Award Legacy Award, being named a UK Rare Rising Star, and most recently being listed among BBC’s 100 Women of 2023.

As Vee continues her academic journey, pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership, she remains focused on her mission to improve girls' education globally, as a Young Leader for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her advocacy work aims at addressing the issue of over 130 million girls out of school, advocating for female empowerment as a key component in creating a sustainable, just, and equal world. 

Vee's quote underscores the importance of aligning one's actions with their true interests and passions, a principle that she not only advocates but also lives by. Her "why" is rooted in her passion for education and her commitment to bridging the gap in educational opportunities for underrepresented youth. Vee's journey is a testament to how a strong, personal "why" can fuel enduring motivation and lead to significant contributions in one's chosen field.

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Love to see it!

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3 months ago

Yes, she is such a powerhouse and very inspiring. Great call out!