Tune in to A Great Holiday Episode!

Welcome to A Future for Us Podcast
Tune in to A Great Holiday Episode!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Many of you know me from the Six Feet Apart podcast and I have recently started my own podcast, called A Future for Us. On this platform, I perform social and environmental journalism catered to Generation Z (my peers) and share my platform with like-minded individuals who want to inspire change. I would like to share a special episode that I hope will inspire people to really think about their impact on the world and how to effect change. 

Today's two-part Christmas special will be a sit-down with researcher and University of Toronto journalist Mary Cunningham. We will be doing a deep dive into the endangerment of the North Atlantic Right Whale. The North Atlantic Right Whale inhabits The Bay of Fundy between Canada’s Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provinces and touches the U.S. state of Maine. And, naturally, this topic co-exists with climate change and what the Canadian Government is doing about it. In this two-part episode, we talk about Mary's personal experience in this matter, who's to blame for the endangerment of the whales, and the history of performative legislation by the Canadian government. Please enjoy parts 1 & 2. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and wherever else you stream! *Links below*

Check out my previous episodes called "America, Racism and The Environment" *featuring Professor Dr. Malini Ranganathan*, "Are We Living In a Post-Racial Society?" *featuring Canadian Journalist Angelyn Francis* and "Do All Vegans Go To Heaven?" *featuring American Environmentalist and Author Evelyn Laferriere. It was so awesome to feature these accomplished and talented women. 




All I want for Christmas is to share this story with the Laidlaw Community.

- Joelle Weir