Summer Research Project Introduction

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I am very grateful to the Laidlaw Foundation for facilitating my summer research project, which will involve working on the MICE trial at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This trial is investigating the mental health outcomes of children with epilepsy, working towards incorporating mental health services into standard epilepsy treatment. During my summer project, I will be analysing data collected previously in the study, and writing this up into a poster presentation and potential publication. A secondary aim of the project is to look into autism and intellectual disabilities, the prevalence of which is increased in children with epilepsy. We will look at the impact of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder on parental efficacy, and subsequently investigate whether these parental efficacy ratings are correlated with mental health outcomes for children with intellectual disabilities. 

Luke Muschialli (he/him)

Medical Student, UCL

My name is Luke Muschialli and I am a medical student at UCL. I have experience in Medical Research and I am interested in continuing this in the future. Some of my current interests include paediatrics, child and adolescent mental health and intellectual disabilities (particularly autism spectrum disorders). I am confident and experienced in leadership positions, and working in equality, diversity and inclusion services.