Research project outline

"Mapping the Networks of South-South Indigenous Solidarity and Advocacy"

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The research project focuses on mapping the network of South-South indigenous solidarity and advocacy. The main aim is to raise awareness to both national and transnational actors that protect and further indigenous rights. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach which combines sociology, history, politics and environmental concerns, I will produce a comprehensive presentation of indigenous activist networks. Fundamentally, this will highlight how global advocacy contributes to a wider movement in producing a multidimensional picture of indigenous activism. This requires extensive research into journal articles, published documents and official websites.

I will create a resource mapping key individuals, groups, documents, events and official organisations that have strengthened indigenous advocacy. In addition to this, I am organising a symposium whereby academics and charities can further consolidate and share knowledge regarding South-South American solidarity. Public engagement in this event would allow academics and advocates increase indigenous support visibility

My research is successful so far and I am excited to see what I discover. If you are interested in this project or are working on a similar topic, please get in touch!

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