Now Available: #CookWithJack Cookbook

Download this free cookbook filled with delicious and easy lunch recipes that fall into the Free School Meals £15 weekly budget!

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A few months ago, the Laidlaw Foundation partnered with Bite Back 2030 to produce Cook with Jack - a series of live cookalongs that promotes affordable and healthy eating for young people during lockdown.

Every weekday at 12PM, viewers all over the UK (and beyond!) tuned in to prepare quick, delicious and affordable lunches within the weekly £15 school meal voucher budget along chef Jack of the Jamie Oliver Cookery School.

"At Bite Back 2030 we want healthy food to be an option for all of us wherever we live. Our vision is a world where all young people have equal access to good food and good health, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Now you can download the free Cook with Jack e-book, full of fun and easy to follow recipes with our brilliant chef Jack! 

Click to download the cookbook. 

We hope you enjoy cooking with Jack! 

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about 1 year ago

BiteBack 2030 also led the campaign which Marcus Rashford brilliantly concluded for FSM vouchers. They are a great organisation who we've been proud to support. Love this cookbook. Didn't know until I watched Jack's videos that I'd spent all my life making scrambled eggs incorrectly...