#CookWithJack: Quick, Healthy and Affordable Lunch Cookalongs For Students on a Budget

The Laidlaw Foundation has partnered with Bite Back 2030 to launch a new initiative called Cook With Jack to bring you quick, healthy, and affordable meals every weekday at 12PM - perfect for students on a budget!

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What is #CookWithJack?

In partnership with Bite Back 2030, we have recently launched Cook With Jack - a series of live cookalongs every weekday at 12PM which aims to teach viewers to prepare quick, tasty and affordable lunches within the weekly £15 school meal voucher budget. 

Although primarily aimed at school children, the daily live cookalongs are ideal for students on a budget. All five meals add up to less than or equal to £15 per week, and can be made in around 20 minutes with basic kitchen equipment. The cookalongs are hosted by Jack Deane - a chef at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School.

Previous meals include: Very Veggie Bolognese, Egg Fried Rice, Rainbow Wrap.

How do I get involved?

You can download the weekly shopping lists here, and watch the cookalongs on Bite Back 2030's YouTube channel every weekday at 12PM, or watch the recordings afterwards. For more info, visit Bite Back 2030

Follow us and Bite Back 2030 on Twitter, and share with us your masterpieces with the hashtag #CookWithJack!

This week's menu: 

About Bite Back 2030: 

  • Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement that wants healthy food to be an option for every family.
  • We are a group of people and organisations working to ensure every child has access to a healthy diet, a home, on the high street and at school.
  • Our ambition is to ensure that more young people are a healthy weight every year, halving childhood obesity by 2030. We are doing this by:
    • Improving child health through access to fresh, nutritious food.
    • Making sure where children live doesn’t limit their ability to eat healthily.
    • Building a new normal, where child health is a priority, so that no child suffers preventable ill health as a result of the food they eat.

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over 1 year ago

Would love to encourage as many Laidlaw Scholars from all over the world as possible to join in. The more we can amplify the messasge that healthy eating can be fast, cheap, fun and really tasty, the more children whose diet is currently unhealthy, often those from disadvantaged backgrounds, will discover this too. If every Scholar could cook and post just one meal it would be a massive help! Thanks in advance, Susanna