LiA Week 6 Reflection


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While this will be my last blog update for the Leadership in Action project this summer, I will still have a few more weeks left of my time at the Columbia Justice Lab! In the past week, I’ve continued working in R for the Probation and Parole Project, analyzing employment rates for probationers and general populations in different Texas counties, differentiating by race. Soon, my PI and I will be sending the charts and some preliminary analyses to the other members of the Probation and Parole team for them to begin drafting literature on this topic. 

Today, we also visited the Center for Justice at Columbia — another branch of the university that focuses on ending mass incarceration and distributing Columbia’s resources to marginalized and underserved populations in NYC. One of my favorite parts of the visit was meeting a few of the Justice Ambassadors at the center — the program does outreach to legal system-impacted or gang-involved youth in the city in order to educate and generate informed policy proposals to the government. 

I’m looking forward to the final few weeks of my time at the Justice Lab, and will be posting more about it in my final reflection!

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