Leadership-in-Action project: re_action for climate

Sign up to take climate action within your community and develop your leadership skills this summer!

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We are inviting all Laidlaw Scholars who are interested in climate action to join the re_action for climate programme - a 6-week immersive virtual experience where scholars will learn how to mobilize communities, utilize their leadership skills and build concrete actions within their communities to fight climate change. 

The re_action program was built by makesense, an international organization that works with citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations on positive impact projects, as an emergency response program during the pandemic. Today, re_action is an innovative tool for community building and action. The programme has mobilized over 80k people worldwide and it now aims to empower 20 Laidlaw Scholars. Through the leadership of the 20 selected Laidlaw Scholars, we are hoping to mobilize over 100 volunteers during the summer by guiding groups of 15 people each through a creative experience using design thinking and community mobilization tools.  

The programme will run from June 28th to August 6th and will require full-time involvement from the participants. makesense will provide the initial platform and guidance through the programme but the Scholars will be in charge of researching relevant data, structuring the programme's content, recruiting the volunteers and building concrete actions with their re_action teams. 

We will be recruiting Laidlaw Scholars between May 3rd and 14th, so stay tuned for more information on how to register!  

UPDATE: Please reach out to your university's Laidlaw administrator to register for the programme.

Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! My name is Nikol and I look after the Laidlaw Scholars Network.

I am originally from Kazakhstan and I studied Human Sciences at UCL. My final research explored the potential effects of design on patient wellbeing in hospitals, and I also took modules such as Ethnographic Documentary Filmmaking, Anthropology of the Built Environment, Art in the Public Sphere, and other less interesting-sounding things :)

Drop me a line if you have any questions about the site, or if you'd just like to chat! I am always down to meet interesting people, so let's get [virtual] coffee ☕️


Go to the profile of Fatima Formuli
5 months ago

US and UK only? Aw man, Canadians are missing out!

Go to the profile of Nikol Chen (she/her)
5 months ago

Hi Fatima, my apologies - this is an oversight on my part. U of T scholars are can apply too!