Hot Girl Histories: Your New Favorite History Pod

I started a podcast to voice the unspoken histories of women and LGBTQ+ people <3
Hot Girl Histories: Your New Favorite History Pod

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I am currently on a medical leave of absence from the University of St Andrews. In November 2022, personal reasons forced me to pause my fourth year more than halfway through the semester with six months to getting my undergraduate degree. I was also planning to apply for History Ph.D.'s to commence in September 2023. Moral of the story: life doesn't go as planned! 

But, instead of waiting until postgraduate studies to start reading, writing, and speaking about the histories that aren’t in textbooks but are the ones that inspire me to want to do another degree in this subject, I thought one cold January day, wait... why don’t I just start now? 

Now, I’m proud to announce I did!!! And the rest is hot girl histories! 🌈😎

I’m hyped to embark on this creative project from my lil desk in my lil room in my lil house in lil St Andrews. A great listen to gain some knowledge that’ll impress someone at a party or give you a lil laugh while you fold your laundry. Follow my lil creative project on Instagram @hotgirlhistories

Newest episode is on Algerian women's struggle for independence:

And there's so much more to come. Message me if you want to come on, I'd be happy to have you!

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about 1 year ago

Love this Claire, will definitely give it a listen!