[Closed] Hiring: Co-Presidents of the Laidlaw Alumni Society

Apply to be one of the Co-Presidents to the Laidlaw Alumni Society and foster a community of bright and brilliant scholars around the world!
[Closed] Hiring: Co-Presidents of the Laidlaw Alumni Society

The Alumni Society Committee is looking for two co-presidents to join the team! 

As part of the Laidlaw Foundation, you are a member of an international community of  scholars driven by a passion for leadership and research and a desire to effect lasting change. 

Taking up the role of a Co-President for the Laidlaw Alumni Society is a fantastic chance to showcase your leadership skills, hone your project management abilities, and establish connections with present and former Laidlaw scholars.


As the Co-President, some duties include:

* Planning and organizing alumni events such as networking sessions, career panels, and community conversations. 

* Holding regular meetings with your Laidlaw alumni committee of diverse scholars and  providing support on their events. 

* Remaining active and accessible to current and alumni scholars on the Laidlaw scholars network.

For more information about this position, please view the **role description**. 


A current/former Laidlaw Scholar with exceptional leadership skills who is enthusiastic and reliable, able to work independently and with a team. You are an expert at coordinating events and planning for the future. A passionate leader who is excited to create a warm, welcoming community for Laidlaw alumni scholars to form new connections and experience new opportunities. As such, being active on the Laidlaw Scholars Network is imperative


* This is an unpaid opportunity. 

* There are no minimum/preferred qualifications.

* This role can be done completely online - there are no location requirements.

* This role is flexible - approximately 3h per week. 


Please fill out the application form linked below. 

Your activity and content on the Laidlaw Scholars Network is an important aspect of the selection process, so make sure that your profile is complete. 

Deadline: 21 October 2022, 11.59 EST

Application Link Here

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Areesha Siddiqui at areesha.siddiqui@mail.utoronto.ca.

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