Cecilio Sandoval Introduction Post


Hello, my name is Cecilio Sandoval. I'm a rising sophomore at Georgetown University in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm a Biology major with an interest in minoring in Music and Cognitive Science. My research topic is "The Impact Music Has on Brain Plasticity; Cognition, Neuroplasticity, and Musical Training." As a researcher in the field of how music induces brain plasticity, I am fascinated by the ability of music to reshape and rewire neural networks in the brain. With recent advancements in brain imaging technologies, we have been able to gather a wealth of information on the ways in which music impacts various regions of the brain, including those involved in emotion regulation, language processing, and cognitive function. 

My interest in this field stems from a deep appreciation for music and a desire to understand the mechanisms behind its therapeutic effects. From my understanding, participating in music-related activities can help to improve brain plasticity and cognitive functioning in a variety of ways. Rhythmic entrainment is one method that involves engaging in rhythmic activities with a steady beat, such as drumming or dancing, to help strengthen brain connections and synchronize neural firing. Music-based activities like singing or playing an instrument can activate both hemispheres of the brain, improving communication between the two sides. During my time researching with Laidlaw, I hope to learn how even listening to music can engage various brain regions and elicit emotional responses. More specifically, what kind of music elicits these responses? Pop? Rap? Country? Classical? Through rigorous scientific investigation, I hope to develop a comprehensive understanding of how music can be harnessed to improve brain function and well-being, aiming to develop effective music-based interventions for individuals with neurological disorders or cognitive impairments. 

I'm excited to delve into the complexities of the brain-music relationship and to contribute to our understanding of how music can lead to positive changes in brain structure and function. Feel free to connect with me if you have any inquiries or comments!

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