Calling all University Professors/Administrators

The Six-Feet-Apart podcast is asking if anyone would like to speak on their experience teaching classes and/or communicating with students online.

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A couple of Laidlaw Scholars (Lucy Stark, Ahmed Aldarraji, Cassandra Minott, and I) started this podcast after receiving funding from the COVID-19 Global Student Engagement Fund. We released our first episode, regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement, last Friday:
Our next episode is about the educational sector and how COVID-19 has impacted its functioning. As someone very close to the inner-workings of higher education, your input would be invaluable to this episode! We hope to discuss various subjects like how you think the pandemic will affect the return of international students, how post-secondary education has adapted/will have to continue to adapt as the virus lingers, and any inequalities/issues within educational systems you think have been highlighted by the outbreak of the virus.
We hope to record all of our interviews this week so that we can edit and publish the episode in the following week. 
Thanks in advance,
*If you aren't able to have an interview, feel free to have a conversation with each other under this post!

Joelle Weir

Student, University of Toronto

Hi! I'm currently a journalism student at the University of Toronto. I like to read, dance, and do yoga. I am also a MAJOR Foodie and cook all the time. My favorite classes this semester has been Intro to Journalism, Mandarin, and Stats! I also talk about social journalism and live-stream in my free time.