If you’re a Laidlaw Scholar, higher education is probably an important part of your life. But how has this education impacted your view of success and failure and your overall mental health? In this open conversation, we will address how predominant beliefs in the academic community, such as the necessity of a university degree and a high-pressure environment for success, impact students’ wellbeing. We will also share thoughts on how to navigate university culture to avoid academic burnout. 

    Join us on February 24th from 1 PM to 2 PM in our community conversation hosted by Joelle Weir to discuss:

    • How does competitive university culture impact students’ academic performance?
    • How can students cope with academic burnout?
    • What tools and resources are available for students who have taken non-traditional routes to higher education?

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    ⏰ Date: Thursday, February 24th at 1 PM EST/6 PM GMT/2 AM HKT

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