BC 2024 Summer LiA Week 6

Here is my last post for my LiA project in Shanghai~
BC 2024 Summer LiA Week 6

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Time flies, and I'm now in my last week of the LiA project in Shanghai. During this final week, my work involves wrapping up the lesson planning, reorganizing our study materials, and analyzing the final surveys from our students. By reviewing the pre- and post-surveys from the SEL lessons, we can see that students genuinely enjoyed the classes and found them valuable.

  • 85% of students reported improvements in understanding their daily emotions and recognizing why they feel angry, happy, or sad.
  • 60% of students learned how to use the Brief Symptom Rating Scale to gauge their current emotions and consider calming strategies when they feel angry.
  • 55% of students acquired simple strategies to calm down, such as debriefing, talking with friends, and relieving stress.

Through these lessons, I've also gained a deeper understanding of basic psychological needs: autonomy, competence, and relatedness, which are essential aspects of our lives.

As a group, we also reflected on our overall working structure and identified areas for improvement before the summer camp starts:

  1. Our lessons need some revisions since they were created in a relatively short time.
  2. We need to develop more engaging classroom activities, considering the space limitations.
  3. We should redesign the pre- and post-class surveys to better fit our summer camp population.

For our final gathering, we decided to try a famous East Asian cuisine together, and it was fantastic! I miss the food in Shanghai a lot and am grateful for the opportunity to do this amazing work in my hometown, focusing on social-emotional learning development.

Thank you  Laidlaw Foundations and Barnard College again for this incredible opportunity.

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