Undue Influence: Relational Autonomy and Surety Wives


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Go to the profile of Princess Agina
about 2 months ago

Diving into the complexities of how contract law intersects with personal relationships and societal norms reveals so much about the gaps in our legal frameworks. It's commendable how you've woven feminist perspectives and relational autonomy into your analysis, offering a fresh lens to view these cases. Your work not only sheds light on the specific challenges women face within the legal system but also calls for a much-needed shift towards a more empathetic and context-aware legal practice. It's incredibly thought-provoking and pushes for a dialogue that's long overdue.

Go to the profile of Dimi Georgieva
about 2 months ago

Thank you. I greatly appreciate your thoughtful feedback. I am glad you consider it a worthwhile research contribution to this area.