Theme of nature in children's literature (research essay)

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Ania Bajerska

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholar, St Andrews

I am a second-year student at the University of St Andrews, pursuing a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Sustainable Development. My vision is to enable more sustainability-oriented initiatives through financial tools and market-based solutions. One of my other interests is literature, that is why my summer research project is an attempt to understand the representation of nature in current children’s environmental literature and define the relationships between “nature literacy”, education, sustainability and social transition. Outside of my studies I enjoy staying active (water sports are my favourite) and baking.


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Cath Brislane 3 months ago

This is great inter-disciplinary research! 

Do we know if there are any authors currently working on the ideal books that you describe, where the cause of a poor environment, the impact on the world around us, and the preventative measures that we can use are addressed? If not you should totally write it!

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Ania Bajerska 3 months ago

Thank you for your comment Catherine! It is definitely the idea that crossed my mind a few times... Because of the summer research being conducted at such unfortunate time I might not have been able to cover all the aspects I wanted, but, who knows, maybe I am two or three essays away from making the decision to become an author myself :)

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Cath Brislane 3 months ago

Do it! You probably have a better idea of what needs to be included in such a book after this research- it may be a really enriching experience for you and the children who read it :)