Leadership for Dummies

A popular definition of leadership which I encountered most often during my Laidlaw Programme was… that leadership means many different things to different people in different contexts. Therefore, in this essay I will talk strictly about my experience, which, while subjective, definitely fits the “definition” above. I am glad to admit that I see great progress in my understanding of leadership, although the greatest changes, as perhaps usually in such cases, took place where I least expected them. I hope to deconstruct this process and analyse the factors that brought me to the place where I am today. Enjoy!

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Ania Bajerska

Laidlaw Undergraduate Research Scholar, St Andrews

I am a second-year student at the University of St Andrews, pursuing a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Sustainable Development. My vision is to enable more sustainability-oriented initiatives through financial tools and market-based solutions. One of my other interests is literature, that is why my summer research project is an attempt to understand the representation of nature in current children’s environmental literature and define the relationships between “nature literacy”, education, sustainability and social transition. Outside of my studies I enjoy staying active (water sports are my favourite) and baking.


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4 months ago

It was such an exciting and useful read, Ania! Thank you for sharing your reflection on personal development as a scholar - I feel that a lot of it resonates with my own thoughts :)

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4 months ago

Thank you! I believe that an honest conversation and admitting some insecurities can be powerful in changing how other sholars will enter their scholarship :)