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William Liu

Product Management Coop at iRobot, Tufts University

I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Engineering Management and Human Factors Engineering at Tufts. Throughout my undergraduate Laidlaw research career, I have been working on two different research projects. At the Tufts Human Factors Lab, I was designing the next generation soft robotics exoskeleton suit. Together with the research team, we are discovering creative way to embed silicone based soft robots to a lightweight exoskeleton suit. When COVID-19 pandemic out broke in the US, our lab got shut down so I switched to a different research project: investigating the effect of stirring and undercooling on the phase transformation of the FeCo alloy. Two journal publications are pending and I am finishing up my Senior Honor thesis on this topic. Currently I am the Product Management Coop in the New Product Development team at iRobot