Rewarding Brave Thinking with Peter Harrington

Using stories, metaphors and images, this open and frank presentation by serial entrepreneur Peter Harrington seeks to go behind the scenes and share how it feels to be an entrepreneurial leader in today's globalised society.

#LaidlawGlobalTalks: Leeds University 

Amongst other issues, this presentation covers:

  • Why knowing your authentic self is critical for any new venture to survive and thrive
  • How invisible pressures only appear when you fully commit
  • Why customers need to be treated like heroes
  • How astute emotional intelligence builds you up and brings you down
  • Why scaling and successful entrepreneurial leadership requires a bulls-eye shot

And finally, how and why entrepreneurial leaders must continually learn, read and reflect.

York 24/7: The entrepreneur | YorkMix

About the Speaker: Peter Harrington

Stranded in Keswick, Peter started hitchhiking aged 17. For over a decade he travelled the roads and learnt much about life.

Since graduating at 23, Peter has also accumulated 30+ years' experience creating and growing companies and navigating the entrepreneurial highway. His organisations have employed over 1,000 people, and since discovering his real passion in 2006, Peter has led a multi-award winning ed-tech company to supply business simulation learning solutions to 40+ countries.

In 2010, whilst suffering early-hour jet lag in a Florida hotel, Peter recognised the parallels between hitchhiking and entrepreneurship. As a result, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship blog was born. Updated regularly, this site is also home to the C19 Startup Survival Podcast.

As a result of starting and growing companies in the fields of research, marketing, design, print, consultancy and technology, Peter uses his experience to share thinking as an Entrepreneur in Residence at both London South Bank University and the London School of Economics.

This event is a part of the #LaidlawGlobalTalks Series, in which partner universities invite speakers to consider leadership--in the context of their own professional journeys, or as a topic of investigation in their work--in order to support the development of Laidlaw Scholars as next generation leaders. View past sessions here.