Laidlaw Summer 2021 Update

I've spent the past 6 weeks designing and testing a novel form for carbon dioxide capture in aquatic environments by using a biocompatible hydrogel, alginate, a product of algae, as a means for storage of an amine-based carbon dioxide scrubber, and I've learned so much in the process.

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This summer, I worked in the Parkin lab to examine the viability of alginate as an effective material for storage of carbon dioxide, with applications ranging from lakes and ponds acidified due to CO2 absorption to much larger bodies of water. In this video, I outline some of my motivations for the project and some of my current finds.

Simon Ogundare

Student, Columbia University

I'm currently a first-year student at Columbia University majoring in Neuroscience and Behaviour. I was originally born in New York City, yet have lived for the majority of my life in Nigeria and England. I'm passionate about research in medicine and climate science, and am looking forward to sharing what I've discovered as well as learn from my peers on the Scholars Network.