Jacob Kim-Sherman's Laidlaw Video—Summer 2020

This summer, I worked on a project about the impact of COVID-19 on the US Energy market.

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In my project, I built an economic model of the US energy market that makes a prediction consistent with some recent data from the US Energy Information Administration.

Jacob Kim-Sherman

Undergraduate Student, Columbia University

I am originally from Santa Barbara, California, and I am a rising sophomore in Columbia College. I intend to major in Economics-Mathematics and concentrate in Computer Science. As an aspiring research economist, I am interested in the economic analysis of unintended impacts of individual actions on society, as well as the consequences of policy designed to manage such impacts. Outside of academics, I am an enthusiastic pianist and fan of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. While I originally was hoping to study the link between congestion, and the upcoming congestion pricing proposal in NYC (a fee for drivers entering the region of the city below 59th street), and quality of life in the city, due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus, I decided to change my research direction. Thus, I am now researching the link between the COVID-19 Pandemic and the US Energy Market. I am building an economic model of the Energy Market and seeing how an energy firm would respond to an exogenous shock to energy demand. My theory is that the pandemic will accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources that is already underway.