It’s gone to air!!!!! As some of you may know I have been producing a TV ad campaign for climate action, that places graziers and miners at the centre of the conversation around climate change, and I’m proud to say that it’s now gone to air on Chanel 9 in Queensland and will be aired to hundreds of thousands of people over the next month.

Regional Queensland is incredibly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but in the 2019 election, we saw a swing towards more conservative politics. But I was so tired of seeing ads that stereotyped miners as climate deniers and patronizing and divided the regions instead of being inclusive. The psychological evidence showed that regional Queenslanders do care and so my campaign aims to transform the conversation around climate change to be more inclusive and effective.

"It's What Queenslanders Do" features Grant Howard a miner from Mackay, Mick Alexander a beef grazier from Rockhampton and Bruce Currie a beef farmer from Jericho.  They certainly don’t fit the cookie-cutter stereotype of eco-warriors, but that’s precisely why they have such an authentic, inspiring and persuasive take on climate activism, and I'd encourage all of you to check out their full interviews on:

This all started with my crazy ambitious idea about how we could transform climate change communications in Queensland, and I keep on having to pinch myself that it is now actually being streamed on TV.

I am so grateful to everyone who helped transform this dream into a reality and I hope that you love the finished product as much as I do.

Directed and Produced by: Charlie Rogers
Videography and Editing: Mack Struthers at Exit Ghost Productions
Creative consultant: Eva Fexy
Supervised by: Professor Steve Reicher 

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