Identity Leadership: Why It Is Important And How To Apply It

Recording. Hosted by Durham University, 30.06.2020

Professor Robert Lord, Director of the Centre for Leadership and Followership at Durham University, discusses identity leadership, and how leaders can have an important effect on follower identities, and vice versa – and how this is an important mechanism for a leader's influence.


You can find the session slides here.

Speaker Details:

Robert G. Lord is a professor at the Durham University Business School. He has published over 125 articles and book chapters and two books focusing on leadership. His work applies social cognitive and self-regulatory approaches to understanding leadership perception, leadership behaviour, and leaders’ effects on others. His work on leadership categorization theory and implicit leadership theories (Lord and Maher, 1991, Leadership and Information Processing:  Linking Perceptions and Organizational Performance) is a cornerstone of work on leadership perceptions; and his work on identity, self-regulation and leadership (Lord and Brown, 2004, Leadership processes and follower self-identity) has helped to integrate leader and follower processes.  He received the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2012, the Leadership Quarterly Distinguished Scholar Award for Career Contributions to the Study of Leadership in 2009, and the International Leadership Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.  He has been the director of the Durham University Centre for Leadership and Followership since 2014.