Desmond Fonseca on his research "A Luta Continua: Angola in the Black Radical Imagination"

In this video panel, Desmond gives an overview of his research topic, methodology and findings. He goes ahead to explaining why more people should be exploring Pan Africanism, post/anti/de+colonialism(s), and the Black Radical Tradition. “I think you can find home in different places”, he states.

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00.40. Could you please give an overview of your research project? What was your methodology, and what were your findings?

03:38. How did you manage to collect such a large amount of information for your research project?

04:48. Why did you choose this topic of research?

06:28. Why do you think more people should be talking about this topic of research today?

09:12. Do you see yourself working in Africa to create the conditions for liberation, or do you think that you will stay in the US and work from there?

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