The ABCDEF Laidlaw Values

Ambitious, Brave, Curious, Determined, Extraordinary and Fast. These are the six values that Laidlaw Scholars develop every day. In this second (amazing) panel, I have the pleasure of discussing these with Collins.

0.28. Having heard the different values, which value would you say you have developed the most  as a scholar? Could you give an example of a situation when this value really helped you either in your academic or personal life?

1:43. On your LinkedIn post, you say that you reflected on how the Laidlaw program aligns with Columbia University’s thirteen core competencies. Could you briefly expand on this point?

2:47. Did you enjoy these experiences?

3:03. If you could give one advice to current scholars, which would it be?

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over 4 years ago

Great advice - clearly put into practise.