Deprivation Discourse Podcast


This is a short video that highlights the 2 months I spent recording the podcast Deprivation Discourse. Deprivation Discourse is a result of the research I conducted about how people on online forums discuss poverty. The research I conducted was key to understanding discourse online about important and emotionally charged issues such as free school meals or pupil premium. 

However, for this research project to be representative of young people and people who otherwise would not have a platform, I decided to create a podcast with young people and professionals. The podcast is a fantastic collective of people from different backgrounds and understandings of what it is to be in poverty in the UK today. That includes food banks, professors, young people in school and many more amazing individuals with an insight on poverty. I hope through listening to the podcast, you can understand the academic and the personal view points of poverty and the impact we have with our language.

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Go to the profile of Nikol Chen
over 3 years ago

Thanks Elif, will definitely give your podcast a listen! Looks fab.

Go to the profile of Elif True
over 3 years ago

Thanks Nikol, I hope you enjoy the series and any feedback you have is so welcome!