Claire Dunn - Tufts Laidlaw Scholar

Claire Dunn​​ speaking on the experience as a Tufts Laidlaw Scholar.

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Claire Dunn speaking on the experience as a Tufts Laidlaw Scholar and how the program facilitated the research conducted over the last two years: "Designing a Platform to Study the Role of Proteases in Cancer Growth, Invasion, and Response to Therapy".

Andrew Singleton (he series)

Administrator, Office of the Provost, Tufts University

Andrew Singleton has recently joined the Tufts-Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme team as a Programme Administrator and is excited to continue to elevate the Laidlaw Programming for current and future scholars. He joined the programme from Venture Café, which connects and educates the entrepreneurial and innovation community in Boston through programs/spaces/events and many other cities around the world. He has a B.S. from MIT in Biology and a background in social-impact enterprises, wind-power, user-computer-interfaces, as well as computer network design. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys travel, hiking, and wildlife photography.