The Laidlaw Scholars Programme

In this second video panel with Susanna Kempe, CEO of the Foundation, Susanna talks about the components of the Laidlaw Programme and their importance. She explains why we need a new generation of leaders, and some new opportunities to come!

00:17. As scholars we hear talk about the “three core components of the Laidlaw programme”. As an introduction to this video panel, and the programme to new scholars, could you please give a brief overview of what these are?

1:31. When I did this programme, you founded my research and leadership training. Why do you think these components are important?

3:34. In your own words, why do you think we need this new generation of leaders?

5:04. Do you think there will be opportunities in the future to integrate the leadership component with other parts of the programme?

* Please note that the video experiences a crack from minute 3:05 to 3:10. Don’t let that stop you from getting to the end of it!