Laidlaw Video Showcase 2018 (Robert Clampett)

In October 2018 the first cohort of Laidlaw Scholars at Trinity produced videos to reflect on their summer of research and leadership development. This is one of the the videos highlighted at the event. Well done to all involved!

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Name: Robert Clampett

Programme: Science

Project Title: "Helium Ion Beam Defects in the Creation of Silicon Waveguides"

Supervisor: Dr David McCloskey, Dr Hongzhou Zhang, Dr James Lunney

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin offers undergraduate students the opportunity to get involved in the university’s research, working with academic staff often on questions of global significance. The scholarship helps students develop and practice leadership skills in preparation for life after graduation. It enables undergraduates to become part of a network of high performing students from around the world. The programme is open to students in the second year of a four-year undergraduate degree course, and those in the second or third year of a five-year undergraduate or integrated masters course.