2019 Laidlaw Scholar Programme

My journey with the Laidlaw Scholar Programme

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Hi Friends, here is a small video on my journey with the Laidlaw Scholar Programme. It started with my one-month trip to India in June 2019 where I interned for the Akshaya Patra Foundation. Then, I came back to Hong Kong to start my research project on developing a high-sensitivity diagnostic medical device using aptamer. 

Hope you enjoy it (:

Chau Tran

Undergraduate Student, Hong Kong University

I am a science fan who gets her inspiration from stories. On my previous journeys volunteering and traveling around the world, I've met people who opened my mind to the greatest things and biggest issues of their communities. Sometimes those stories make me feel sad and worried, but many times, they inspire and urge me to imagine, innovate, and create changes using my own tools of science and technology.