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Student, The University of Hong Kong
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Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


The University of Hong Kong

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Social Sciences

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China France

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English French Latin Mandarin Spanish

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Cooking/Baking Martial Arts Politics & current events

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Recent Comments

Congratulations Riza - for conducting such a thorough analysis of a complex and sensitive subject! It was eye-opening to read about recent political issues through a religious lens - which is definitely not common in areas like Hong Kong and China. I cannot begin to imagine the mental strength you must have gathered to filter and collect right-wing evangelical individuals' social media activity. It is a much-needed contribution that you have made to raise awareness on the rising danger of populism and religion in the United States, but also in other weakened democracies around the world. On another note, I am a bit surprised about the association of GOP Rep Mayra Flores and AOC, but I am convinced that you must have great insight on it and I truly look forward to reading about it. Again, congratulations for your hard work and research!