Sinéad Crowley (She/Her)

Student, Trinity College Dublin
Rachel Wan

Student, UCL

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I am currently a third-year Biomedical Engineering Student at UCL.  My research experience with Laidlaw was centred around an imaging technique called photoacoustic imaging, which is a novel technique using laser-induced sound waves to provide highly-detailed images of the structure of our bodies. I am very passionate about medtech, environmental sustainability design and technology-- let's chat!

Ana Eveleigh

B.A. Candidate in Religion and Human Rights, Barnard College

Ana is a senior at Barnard College pursuing a combined major in religion and human rights. She is specifically interested in the relationship between religion and politics, law, and histories of empire. Her other passions include Arabic language study, vocal jazz, and coffee culture.

Lawrencia Afoakwa

Student , University of York

Hey everyone, I am a third-year psychology student at the University of York and a 2022 Laidlaw Scholar, aspiring to become a Clinical Psychologist in the near future!. My research entails "giving a voice" to Black and Asian ethnic minority students to understand the role their religion/spirituality has on their day-to-day university lives, and so understand how therapeutic environments can be tailired to promote their wellbeing.
Xuan Jin

Student, University College London (UCL)

Oliwia Borek

Student, Trinity College Dublin

A fourth-year student of Political Science and Economics at Trinity College Dublin, interested in European affairs, public policy and democratic promotion. 

During my first summer with the Laidlaw programme, I completed a research project titled 'The Role of Saliency in Expatriate Voter Mobilisation'. My research  investigated the voting behaviours of expatriate voters in Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

During my second summer, I completed a leadership placement with the Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy in Warsaw, where I worked in organising the first National Congress of Local Cooperation for civic society organisations and local government representatives. 

Sarah Waicus

Medical Student, Trinity College Dublin

Medical student studying at Trinity College Dublin

Mairéad Butler

Student, Trinity College Dublin

I'm a final year European Studies student, majoring in Spanish and minoring in German, in Trinity College Dublin. My research concerns the memory, experience, and discourse of gendered violence in the Irish and Spanish civil wars. For my LiA, I worked with Women Rights Initiative (WORI), a grassroots, Ugandan women-led women's rights organisation in Jinja, Uganda, focusing on resource mobilisation.

Triyaa Gulati

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! I am a 3rd year Nanoscience student at Trinity College Dublin. My research project deals with urban micrometeorites in Dublin.
Ananya Sanagavaram

Medical Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a 4th year medical student passionate about human centred clinical research. For my research I will be exploring the attitudes of potential therapy recipients towards novel therapeutics in Parkinson's Disease to improve cognition.  I have lived in 5 different countries across Asia and Europe so far - your quintessential third culture kid:)) I enjoy listening to Indian classical music, playing football and hiking. 

Joelle Weir

Student, University of Toronto

Hi! I'm currently a journalism and Environmental Chemistry student at the University of Toronto. I like to read, dance, and do yoga. I am also a MAJOR Foodie and cook all the time. My favorite classes this semester has been Intro to Journalism, Mandarin, and Stats! I also talk about social journalism and live-stream in my free time.

Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

STEM Subject Lead, University of Rwanda

I am a graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Rwanda. I am also the STEM Subject Lead. My Laidlaw research project is about bringing a system that could help in minimizing the number of high-school and primary students who bring cell phones at school since it's one of the major sources of distraction. I am very interested in IoT (Internet of Things) related fields. I enjoy challenging myself because it always helps me to step out of my comfort zone. 
Kayla Kim

MSc Candidate, London School of Economics

Hello! I was Laidlaw scholar in 2019, and I studied national, regional, and local identity in northern Tajikistan through the lens of women's fashion.  For a year after graduating, I worked for the UN Mine Action Service which removes landmines from conflict and post-conflict regions. I then worked for the Laidlaw Foundation 2021-22 and am currently completing a Master's Degree in Anthropology and Development Management at the London School of Economics. Please feel free to reach out on the network, on LinkedIn, or by email. I'm always happy to meet new people and chat.