Grace McWilliam (She/Her)

Student, University of York
Emily Bowen

Student, University of York

I'm a third year History student at the University of York, with an interest in archives and public history. Improving the accessibility of history is of great importance to me, both in terms of access to resources and the historical narrative. I've had experience in archives ranging from the Cambridge Arts Theatre, dating from 1934, to St Peter's School, York, which dates back to 627 AD. Whilst at the Arts Theatre I also received accredited training from the Oral History Society, which I have since been able to apply to other oral history community projects.

Becky Caulfield

MSc Psychology Student, University of York

An aspiring Clinical Psychologist, currently an undergraduate studying Psychology (Integrated MSci) at the University of York. I see a future in which mental healthcare is adaptive to an individual's cultural and personal needs. I am also interested in alternative/ complimentary therapies for treatment resistant mood disorders such as deep brain stimulation and psilocybin therapy. My current research involves working with a Prosopagnosic (face blind) individual to better understand how we both learn and recognise faces. 

For my Leadership in Action programme, I am working with "MakeSense", an organisation based in Mexico City. I am developing a social empowerment project supporting rural communities in Mexico.  

Pritika Ganguly

Student, University of York

Hello! I am Pritika and am a second-year Medical Engineering student at the University of York.

my research proposal is on how to develop a prosthetic that can grow with a child, so the child will not need to replace the prosthetic often. Furthermore, looking into the use of AI so the prosthetic can learn and develop alongside the side.

Alicia Sanz Maestro

Student, University of York

Hi! I'm Alicia and I am a fourth year Chemistry student at the University of York.

I'm especially interested in the development of new materials for biomedical applications but I'm always open to learn about different areas of research in Chemistry!

Melissa Rose

Development Partner - Laidlaw Scholars, University of York

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and the lead for the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme at The University of York. 

Prior to joining the University of York, my career was in policing focusing on selection and assessment, leadership development, organisation change and culture, and diversity, equality and inclusion. 

I completed my BSc Psychology course at The University of Manchester and went straight on to complete my MSc Occupational Psychology course at Northumbria University. I then completed the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (QOccPsych) with the British Psychological Society (BPS) to become a chartered Occupational Psychologist. 

Ben Clarke

Student, University of York

Hello, I'm Ben, and I study Politics with International Relations. I am a 2022 undergraduate scholar focused on European security issues and Western political development. I have expertise in Marxist political philosophy, and my research is written about how the struggle for recognition leads to class conflicts within liberal democracies. I am an avid public speaker, being a finalist at the European Youth Parliament in 2020, and have competed in various other speaking competitions. I'm open to working in both the research and marketing sectors; feel free to message me with any questions!