Amanda Perez (She/Her)

Student, Durham University
Sophia Waseem Khan

Undergraduate, Durham University

Hi! I'm Sophia, an aspiring scientist and philomath. I love learning about everything and anything and delight in spending time with people who are passionate about the things they love! I am really interested and curious about how we can use chemistry to improve processes and products to help society. For example, my research project is looking into the possibility of turning struvite, a mineral which is a by-product of waste-water treatment processes into slow-release nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers, which would be a green source nitrogen and phosphorous fertilisers and help achieve goals of zero-waste.  If you are researching something similar or are interested in learning more about the project, please reach out! I am super happy to talk about the project and meet other who are doing something similar and possibly collaborate! 
Kelci Jacoby

Assistant Manager, Leadership Framework and Laidlaw Leadership and Research Programme, Durham University

I am an American Expat working at Durham University in the Leadership Framework where I serve as an Assistant Manager. In my role I oversee our Emerging Leadership programmes and am the programme manager for the Durham University Laidlaw Leadership and Research Programme. I am passionate about creating an inclusive sense of belonging for students, student leadership development, harm reduction, and helping students identify their version of success.  I have worked in higher education for the last six years in a variety of functional areas including identity-based advocacy, orientation, transition and retention, fraternity and sorority life, and leadership development. I have a B.A. from Willamette University in American Ethnic Studies and History and a M.S. in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Texas A&M University (Gig 'em!).  I like to spend my free time fly-fishing, hiking, watching anything in the Star Wars universe, reading, browsing record stores, going to concerts, and finding the best cappuccino in NE England!
Hannah Lawless

Biological Sciences Student and Clinical Scientist, Durham University

Hi, I'm Hannah and i'm a Biological Sciences student at Durham University. My research project was focused on exploring the neuroscience of bumble bees and their visual and olfactory attraction to flowers, and identifying differences between sex and species. My LiA is with Make_Sense Americas and is a collaboration with a start-up recycling plant, processing hard to recycle materials and trying to achieve a more circular economy. During my free time I love reading, improving my level of Spanish and learning how to code.