Alexander Robinson

Laidlaw Research Scholar, Durham University

About Alexander Robinson

I am a 2nd year undergraduate, BA Business Management, Durham University.  My research is: "Local, National, and International perspectives on the role of grassroots sports clubs in local communities." For a variety of historical and contemporary reasons, grassroots sports clubs in the UK have received relatively little attention in terms of the wider work that they are involved with and/or capable of.  I seek to investigate what impact, if any, return on social investment and/or corporate social responsibility exists within grassroots sports. I am approaching the research from a interdisciplinary dimension, i.e., sociology and business discipline.

As a rugby player for Durham University and Hatfield College , the founder of a social enterprise, alongside being a Erete Fellow as part of the Effective Altruism Durham programme, the Laidlaw Scholarship in Research & Leadership is an opportunity to broaden my horizons through participation, research, independent thinking, meeting a wider range of diverse people, and grow my leadership skills. 

I am a/an:

Undergraduate Leadership & Research Scholar


Durham University

Laidlaw Cohort Year


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Business & Management Economics International Relations Society & Culture

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Business and Management Coaching and Mentoring Economics Entrepreneurship Health Leadership Social Sciences

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United Kingdom

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Gym Outdoor sports Photography Politics & current events Rugby Tennis Travelling


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Durham University