Joelle Weir

Student, University of Toronto
  • University of Toronto
  • People
  • Canada
Ramit Bag

Student, University College London

Nick Jones

Lecturer in Film, Television and Digital Culture, University of York

Karisha Kimone George

Associate Lecturer, University of York

Isabella Whitney

Student, Barnard College of Columbia University

Sofia Sepulveda

Laidlaw Intern, Barnard College

Becky (she/her)

Psychology Student, University of York

An aspiring Clinical Psychologist, currently an undergraduate studying Psychology (Integrated MSci) at the University of York. I see a future in which mental healthcare is adaptive to an individual's cultural and personal needs. I am also interested in alternative/ complimentary therapies for treatment resistant mood disorders such as deep brain stimulation and psilocybin therapy.

My current research investigates the relationship between mood disorders and increased attention to negative stimuli in the environment. Research further investigates whether this negative processing bias can be disrupted using brain stimulation.

Outside of research, I love to go wild swimming across Yorkshire whatever the weather. You will likely find me at a music festival over the summer or travelling to somewhere new! 

Yu Yao

Student, University of York

Hi, my name is Tina. šŸ˜„ I am from University of York, studying Interactive Media. My project is to explore how the VR technology can help people to better understand about dyslexia. 

My passion in gaming, storytelling and content design motivate me to look into ways these can be applied to impact public awareness about disabilities in a positive way.

Please feel free to contact with me on chat, email or instagram. I am looking forward to have a chat with you ;)

Andrea Miramontes Serrano

Energy Coordinator, Cornell University

Syed Kumail Raza Zaidi

Undergraduate Student, Georgetown Walsh School of Foreign Service

Undergraduate at Georgetown School of Foreign Service majoring in International Culture and Politics. 

Princess J Emeanuwa

Student, University College London

Denise Taveras

Student, Columbia University


Undergraduate Student and Researcher, University of York

First year Economics/Philosophy undergraduate at University of York. My Laidlaw project is exploring the ethical and socioeconomic implications of the metaverse. I am working part-time as a Student Ambassador conducting access and outreach programmes for disadvantaged students. I'm seeking summer internships and work experience in HR and applied philosophy sectors.

Lawrencia Afoakwa

Student , University of York

Rishika Sushil Daswani

Student , Durham University

Oliver Horn

Film & TV Production Student, University of York

I am in the early stages of a career in the Film & Television industry.
I am currently studying Film & Television Production BSc (Hons) at the University of York.
I have always had a passion for everything Film & Television, it has long been my dream to enter this industry. 
I have directed and been involved in numerous professional-standard short films.
My productions can be viewed on my OTHstudios YouTube channel, which holds hundreds of subscribers and thousands of views.
I recently completed my A-Level study at York College with Film Studies, Media Studies, Business Studies, Drama and the Extended Project Qualification receiving A*, A*, A, A, B.
I enjoy fast-paced professional environments, and look forward to developing my skills as much as possible in the future.

Jenniffer Koita

student, Barnard College

Imogen Gaskell

Psychology Student , University of York

Pronouns: She/her 

I am a second-year Psychology student at the University of York.

My research topic focuses on existential risks and what non-experts (the general public) consider to be the most worrisome, important, neglected, and tangible (the ITN framework). 

My hobbies include going on walks and spending time outside, visiting lots of different libraries and doing arts and crafts, like making jewellery, sewing, drawing etc. 

Iā€™m excited to connect with new people who share similar interests! 

Elianna Lee

Research Assistant , Columbia University

Jonathan Truong

Student, Columbia University

This summer, under the supervision of Professor Patricia Dailey in the English and Comparative Literature Department, I will be researching the effect of serialization in Jennifer Egan's Twitter fiction story "Black Box" on readerly attention. How does serial fiction mediate audience immersion and interactivity? If we consider the historicity of literature in installments, in what ways does serial narrative on Twitter continue or depart from the Victorian serial novel? By interrogating how Egan's short story both participates in and challenges narrative convention, we can more comprehensively explore the implications and possibilities of digital fiction in the  21st century. 

Jeff Kangacha

Student, Cornell University