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May 29, 2020
Replying to Astrid Liden

1. How has your understanding of leadership changed from our workshops on this topic (or has it)?

Over the past few days, my idea of “leadership” has really developed into one that emphasizes the importance of the intersection of various leadership qualities/styles rather than just one dominant one. The multi-dimensional model of leadership that Pamela presented us with really changed my perspective on leadership because it showed us the communal and totality of leadership skills, making leading a community effort not just an individual one. The session of praise and criticism really resonated with me in terms of managing feedback in leadership. It really helped me to see that receiving feedback only tells you one side of the impact or work you are doing.


2. As you consider your research project, what questions or challenges are forefront in your mind? What first steps do you intend to take to start your project?

I have been in contact with my faculty mentor and will be meeting today, but one concern that the two of us have voiced is the issue of documentation. A lot of the data that I need for my research is simply not being published or even collected at an academic level, so this may mean that I will need to turn to other sources (even contacting people in the countries directly) to see what data I can access. Since I am focusing on the experiences of unaccompanied minors from Venezuela, my mentor suggested I look at past migration trends in Latin America that had significant effects on children, such as the “Peter Pan” children from Cuba and unaccompanied migrants along the US/Mexico border.

Hey Astrid, I like your thoughts on the communal nature of leadership. There are different kinds of leadership strengths (driver, expressive, etc.), and we don't have to be perfect in every one of them but rather find ways to value them equally and play to our individual strengths.

Your project sounds fascinating? Are you planning to work with just migration data, or are you looking to examine personal testimonies/documentation from the minors themselves (if that information is available)? Wishing you the best of luck!

May 29, 2020

1. I feel that leadership is sometimes overused as a label for any positive human trait. I found looking at different models of leadership and leadership in specific roles/contexts helpful in pinpointing a clearer definition of leadership. This was my first time learning about “leadership in the field,” and it made me think about other leadership contexts I may have never considered. The workshops also made me think about what kinds of behavior or work are privileged as leadership. I think leadership is often connected to visible social or economic productivity: CEOs are usually viewed as leaders whereas care workers and stay-at-home parents are undervalued.

2. My mentor and I have come up with decent methods for collecting the social media data we will need, so I am currently more concerned with effectively applying theory to interpret the data. I think being physically distant from the other people in the program might pose a challenge. Whenever I encounter an academic roadblock, I personally find discussing my thoughts with other people in casual settings (walking to places, over a meal) to be helpful for organizing my thoughts. I want to make an effort to stay connected with other people as much as possible. I am currently reading up on all of the disciplines related to my research in order to build a theoretical foundation before heading into the bulk of my research.