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Hello! As a student of psychology and economics, I have always been fascinated by the logic and illogic of human behaviour. This interest has driven me to pursue a rich diversity of projects and ideas - ranging from documenting the landscape of online Islamophobia in China under the Laidlaw Scholars Programme, to solving policy problems in the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore through the lens of behavioural economics. Next summer, I will be travelling to Kenya to examine how the mobile financing system M-Pesa has succeeded at reaching the hardest to reach. With the Scott Lab in OISE, I investigate the overlooked experiences of male perpetrators of domestic violence in the child welfare system. Under the supervision of my professors, I also work tirelessly with my peers to advocate for culturally-informed and just mental health services for students locally and abroad. In October, we published our first project - a photo essay examining the relationship between social exclusion and mental health for internal migrants in China. The essay can be found here: https://movinginmovingout.shorthandstories.com/index.html In everything that I do, I am motivated to seek out the strange, the surprising, and the subtle. I believe that such hidden truths can be operationalised into insights that can improve the lived realities of others, one step at a time. If you have an idea you’d like to share, please feel free to reach out. Thanks for stopping by!

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