You Can Only Aspire To What You See

Regina (Agyare) Honu

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Inspirational Leadership Quotes - Regina Agyare Honu: "You can only aspire to what you see. That’s why role modelling is important."
Regina Honu: "You can only aspire to what you see. That's why role modelling is important."

Regina Honu née Agyare is a Ghanian social entrepreneur and software developer. She is the founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions - a software development company that promotes social development and drives human potential. For example, one of their projects is developing an app that converts text to sign language to allow deaf children to better integrate into their communities. 

Honu launched Soronko Academy in 2017, the first coding and design thinking school for children and adults in West Africa. The academy aims to pioneer "the way for young people, especially women and girls, to realize their economic potential, equipping them with the technical and soft skills they need to attain dignified, fulfilling jobs and overcome the gender gap in technology."

Honu is an Ashoka Fellow, a member of the World Economic Forum community of Global Shapers, and was named in BBC's 100 Women of the Year 2017.

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