Standing on the shoulders of giants- the end of week four

I am now starting to write up my report, although

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I’m sure one of these weeks I’ll actually upload a post on a Friday!

Although this time I have a good excuse, I had a zoom call with my supervisor this morning so decided that I would write this afterwards in case there were any updates from it. Luckily, it was a short one just to catch up and to get some pointers before I start writing.

Last week was mostly planning my report and reading academic articles for my literature review. Monday was mostly planning and working out the areas of research I particularly needed to concentrate on. Tuesday I spent scouring google scholar (hence the title), other search engines are available, and then from Wednesday through to Friday I read and took notes from them all.

I am now writing up the first part of my report. This part will address the debate between the cultural backlash and financial hardship theses about populism. The former suggests that populism arises due to a clash of cultures whereas the latter suggests it is due to economic shocks and financial inequality.

My second part will build on this debate and look at the influence of social demographic change on populism directly. Once I have written up my first section I will gather academic articles on this and then write up this section. Although my background reading will feature prominently in this section I will use a large selection of academic articles on the topic as well. My aim for the end of this week is to have finished my first part and be well underway with my second part.

Joshua Robert Chapman

Student, University of York

I am a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York. My research project is titled: 'How do social demographic changes influence the spread of populism'. I will look at the Brexit referendum and Trump's election in 2016. These will be my focal points from which I hope to find broader trends about the causes for the growth of populism in modern democracies.

Please ask me about anything politics or international relations related, in particular, political behaviour and psychology; i.e. if something happens, what happens next and why?