Scholar Spotlight - Olamide Obadina (Video)

Laidlaw Scholar, Olamide Obadina, on advancing racial and gender diversity in the C-suite.
Scholar Spotlight - Olamide Obadina (Video)
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In this special video Scholar Spotlight, Olamide Obadina, a Laidlaw Scholar from Trinity College Dublin, delves into breaking the glass ceiling in corporate leadership.

In the latest Scholar Spotlight, the Laidlaw Foundation’s Community & Project Management Executive, Princess Agina, sits down with Olamide Obadina, a 2023 Laidlaw Scholar from Trinity College Dublin. 

Olamide’s research project centres on the pivotal role of female leaders from ethnic minorities in the business C-suite and the critical need for enhanced racial and gender diversity on executive boards worldwide. Her work underscores the importance of addressing both internal challenges, such as imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and external barriers such as discriminatory policies and cultural biases within organisations.

Through her insightful discussion, Olamide highlights the transformative impact that diverse leadership can have in empowering women of colour and enriching the corporate landscape with their unique perspectives and experiences. Her research is a clarion call to action for companies around the globe to commit to creating more inclusive environments where women from all backgrounds can thrive and ascend to leadership roles. This conversation not only sheds light on the systemic issues at play but also celebrates the potential for significant change through increased diversity in the highest echelons of business.

Laidlaw Conference Speech 2023.
Laidlaw Conference 2023.

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Olamide is a Laidlaw Scholar at Trinity College Dublin. You can find Olamide on LinkedIn and learn more about her business here.

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