Research Seminar: Citizen Neuroscience with Neureka

Join the Neureka team for an interactive session on the science behind compulsive behaviours and find out how you can track your habits, mood, and thoughts, in real-time as they occur!
Research Seminar: Citizen Neuroscience with Neureka

Have you ever found yourself checking your phone over and over and OVER again, even though you know there is nothing new to see? Have you ever found it difficult to stick to the limit of that one pint that you promised yourself? Perhaps you buy new things that you don’t really need, even though you planned on saving your money?

These are examples of what we call: compulsive behaviours. From eating behaviour to nail biting, compulsivity affects many aspects of our lives.

The science behind these everyday habits has taken off in recent years and we want to share it with you!

In this interactive online session, as part of the Neuroscience Ireland Biannual Conference, the Neureka team will talk about all things compulsive, show you how you can be part of the science by monitoring your compulsive behaviours and introduce you to what the scientists do with your data.

The event takes place on September 9th 2021 and is free of charge. Get your ticket and learn more about the event here!

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